Running in the alps

Published by Ronald on Tuesday, 12 Apr 2011 12:00 EDT

Pretty picture of riederalpI have an absurd fascination and maybe even a small obsession with mountains. I think it’s due to the fact there are no mountains in Holland at all (I’m not counting that one hill Limburg that some call a mountain).

Every year I go to the Alps either in France or Switzerland. Not for running but for skiing. This year I went two weeks in a row and decided to bring my running gear. Just in case I wanted to run for one or two days.

My first week was in Verbier and had lots of fun there but I didn’t do any running. My second week was in a place called Riederalp. From what I’ve seen it was a very popular spot for walkers and I even saw some runners there. The skiing area was amazing there but a bit too small for one week. Within one day I had seen the whole skiing area. When the week progressed the snow got worse and worse because we had sun all day and the temperature was around 14C during the day. It barely froze at night.

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