French man ran 27,011 kilometers

Published by Ronald on Friday, 18 Feb 2011 06:47 EST

French man Serge Girard

The 56 year old french man Serge Girard has managed to run 27,011 kilometers or 16,784 miles in 365 days. With this he beat the old record holder Tirtha Kumar Phani from India who ran 22,582 kilometer in 2006. Serge Girard averaged around 74 kilometers a day and he didn't take any rest days. He crossed twenty five countries in Europe including The Netherlands. That's pretty impressive.

Reviews are on the way...we promise

Published by RunningPoint on Thursday, 17 Feb 2011 14:48 EST

Some initial reviews are in the works and should be up soon! Stick with us as we figure these things out.


Foot Stickers??? Really??

Published by RunningPoint on Thursday, 17 Feb 2011 08:43 EST

 Foot StickersI am literally stuck between really wanting some of these for the freak factor and thinking they are about the most idiotic thing I have ever seen.

We're on our way...

Published by RunningPoint on Tuesday, 15 Feb 2011 08:22 EST

First things first, welcome to all who landed here at The site is obviously still in the early stages of development but I would like to use this post as a quick introduction to who we are and what we are about.

Who we are:

How I started with running

Published by Ronald on Saturday, 12 Feb 2011 15:42 EST

I'm a student living in the Netherlands and currently studying at Windesheim. I'm 25 years old and only started running last summer after a pretty bad accident. I pretty much made a complete lifestyle change last summer by eating healthier and stopping with smoking. So far its still going great. I kept running three times a week in the winter and still do now.


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