Epic Article on Minimal Shoes

Published by RunningPoint on Tuesday, 22 Mar 2011 09:29 EDT

Justin over at Birthday Shoes has written an epic article about minimal shoes and the pros and cons of different designs with a focus on why the toe shoes, best example being Vibram FiveFingers, exist and are a superior design. After reading, I am a bit more intrigued by the validity of design choice to make shoes with toe pockets and would probably even consider trying a pair on now. I have always been a bit apprehensive about the FiveFingers since my second toe is longer than my big toe and I have read numerous times that FiveFingers are notoriously bad for not fitting my type of foot. I still don't think that I would ever give up my huaraches, but I really appreciate the amount of thought and information that Justin poured into this article. Check it out and if you don't regularly read the Birthday Shoes content, you should.

Why Toe Shoes? The Benefits of Toe Separation for Barefoot Feel and Shoe Functionality


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