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Published by Ronald on Monday, 28 Feb 2011 08:10 EST

Android logo - runnig app testsI got this awesome HTC Desire phone a while ago with android and I'm really pleased with it. It can do lots of fancy things including keeping track of your runs. I'm a geek so I like keeping track of stats and measuring my improvement. I like to see how many miles I have run in a month or in a year because it keeps me motivated to keep going. I can see that about 8 months ago I could barely do 2 miles properly and now I can run 6 miles about three times a week.

Right now I'm using the simple but pretty good sportypal for my phone which is a simple app that tracks my runs and uploads them to their website when I'm done. On the website, I can check what I have run so far and keep track of everything it has recorded. It makes a nice overview of stats like how many calories I have burned, how many miles I have run so far, and if my pace was consistent etc.

I always want the best solution so I've been looking online for reviews but its pretty hard to find proper reviews of running apps. There are so many apps now that its hard to pick which one to use. I've decided to pick five that seem the most popular and test those properly.

I picked these:

I might add Runstar as well since it looks so darn pretty and stylish. It's lacking a lot of features I would want but I'm watching it for the future.

I'm open for suggestions if anyone else knows great running apps that should be tested on android, let me know. Sadly I only have an android phone so I can only test for that unless I borrow an iPhone somewhere.


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